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Kentia plant
Kentia Plant
€ 160,00  
Benjamina Fig plant
Benjamin's Fig plant
€ 196,00  
Dracaena Marginata plant
Dracaena Marginata plant
€ 140,00  
Yucca plant.
Yucca Plant
€ 178,00  
Pachira Aquatica Plant
Pachira Aquatica Plant
€ 162,00  
Crusone fat plant
Crusone fat Plant
€ 160,00  
Beaucarnea recurvata plant
Beaucarnea Recurvata Plant
€ 270,00  
Plants composition
Elegant composition of air plant root bowl
€ 104,00  
Cyclamen plant arrangement
To forward wishes, send this cyclamen arrangement
Flowering anthurium plant
Choose to give this flowering anthurium plant
€ 135,00  
Spathiphyllum Plant
Shortens the distance! Ask for the shipping of this beautiful plant spathiphyllum.
€ 81,00  
Basket of Orchids
Wonderful gift idea to send your wishes for Easter.
€ 180,00