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Kentia plant
Kentia Plant
€ 93,00  
Benjamina Fig plant
Benjamin's Fig plant
€ 114,00  
Dracaena Marginata plant
Dracaena Marginata plant
€ 82,00  
Yucca plant.
Yucca Plant
€ 104,00  
Pachira Aquatica Plant
Pachira Aquatica Plant
€ 94,00  
Crusone fat plant
Crusone fat Plant
€ 93,00  
Beaucarnea recurvata plant
Beaucarnea Recurvata Plant
€ 158,00  
Plants composition
Elegant composition of air plant root bowl
€ 61,00  
Cyclamen plant arrangement
To forward wishes, send this cyclamen arrangement
Flowering anthurium plant
Choose to give this flowering anthurium plant
€ 79,00  
Spathiphyllum Plant
Shortens the distance! Ask for the shipping of this beautiful plant spathiphyllum.
€ 47,00  
Basket of Orchids
Wonderful gift idea to send your wishes for Easter.
€ 105,00  

Furnish your home with beautiful indoor plants

Speedyflowers has for years been a point of reference for the online order of flowers and indoor plants . Our florists will take care of every detail of your order online and will pack your houseplant just before shipping. Look at our fantastic plants, choose the one you like best for your home and in a few seconds complete the online order. The home delivery of Speedyflowers is easy and safe, now our company delivers in Italy and abroad thanks to a dense network of expert florists! What are you waiting for ordering your houseplants online on the Speedyflowers website?

Choose Speedyflowers for your online order!

Speedyflowers is always attentive to the needs of every customer, so we thought of a wide choice of houseplants that will help you furnish your home with originality. The houseplants are suitable for any type of furniture: from classic, ethnic to modern. Discover the choice that Speedyflowers has designed for each customer, you will find from the classics Cyclamen plant to the most modern Ficus Benjamin . If you are looking for an original way to furnish your home then you are on the right site that offers you a wide selection of houseplants. In a few seconds, you will complete your online order from the comfort of your own home. But it does not end here! Speedyflowers carries out home delivery for its customers in Italy and abroad !

Furnish your home in an original way

Thanks to the houseplants you will be able to give your home a fresh and original look. The fantastic houseplants of Speedyflowers will give more light to your home, you can also choose the plant that best suits your needs. A fat plant for an ethnic decor, a orchids for a classic decor, a plant of Beucarnea Recurvata for a modern furnishing. But you can also play with the matching of houseplants. In short, the choices that Speedyflowers has designed for its customers are many and all original, so do not hesitate yet! Watch now the vast choice of houseplants and complete your order online!