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Company policy Customer occupies a privileged position.
To achieve this goal and meet the needs of all our customers, provide clarification, assistance or to receive complaints about products purchased through our. Shop Online we have activated the following "channels":
• Communication by email to
• For complaints
• Communication with telephone 06.6149416 or fax 06.62206163


• For deliveries to be carried on board ships, in hotels, tourist villages, residences, nursing homes and rest, churches, institutions, corporate complexes, restaurants and clubs, pubs and entertainment, and generally in all places where not allowed to deliver the floral tribute directly to the recipient, but the gift itself should be left over personnel, delivery shall be deemed duly completed with the signing by the same staff, of the receipt. Deliveries are not guaranteed Airports and campsites after direct contact with the florist performer.

• Execution of orders on the occasion of Christmas, Epiphany, Easter, Valentine's Day, Woman's Day, Mother's Day (or specific holiday in the country of destination) may be advanced or postponed the day immediately preceding or following these holidays . As a result of force majeure, or because the location of execution as there is availability, type and quality of flowers required can not be found, then the florist executor is authorized to arrange for replacement by others as possible similar to those required and provided value for the amount paid by the customer. The same terms may be exchanged for the floral tributes shown on the online catalog.

• The time of delivery is not guaranteed, with the exception of funeral ceremonies. In principle be made to meet the customer request, but the same time, even if indicated, will not be binding.

• With reference to gifts for funeral occasions, informs customers that it might not always be possible to deliver compositions, pillows or funeral wreaths at the destination cities. This is to observe not only the local customs in funeral occasions but also to allow the family of the missing person to understand and appreciate better the type of product delivered. Just as an example and exhaustively we inform customers that for funeral occasions in foreign locations Funeral Pillows could be replaced by Funeral Wreaths or by Flowers Arrangement according to the instructions of our local florists. For the same reason, just for unavailability at destination city, for impossibility of writing the full message and names or because it is not local custom band/bow with the names and the message might not be affixed on the arrangement. The entire message will be shown in a card which will be delivered with the informs customers that require the delivery of Gifts Funeral in hospitals or churches that delivery will be consider correctly completed when the product will be deposited inside the church or to the Hospital staff. If can provide receipt of delivery signed by the recipient, there will not be possibility to accept complaints and claims from customer for non-delivery of the products.

• Deliveries can not be guaranteed on Sundays, public holidays and in the closing week of shopping destinations.

• They are charged to the customer client any costs which may originate from non-delivery if they are incorrect or incomplete information was provided about the name and address of the recipient, or in case of unavailability of the same, including the cost of the homage flower and his rights and transmission fees.

• Attention will be regularly carried out the delivery of a floral tribute to the consignee refuses to accept his personal reasons.

• Given the increasing spread for reasons of security, intercoms to code, not knowing where it is impossible to access the building, it is recommended to always indicate the recipient's phone number with obtaining the flower. Otherwise, the delivery can not be guaranteed.

• Additional gifts gadgets All additional gadgets are chosen from the best brands on the market at the time of delivery, if this item was unavailable, it automatically proceed to the replacement of the gadget chosen with a similar one, for the same amount or higher than the purchase value . In consequence of force majeure, or because in the locality of execution does not exist the availability, the type and quality of the required gadgets may not be available, in which case the florist performer is authorized to provide for the implementation of the flowers until reaching corresponding to the amount paid by the customer.For any inquiries or complaints regarding Orders Speedy Flowers contact us in the ways mentioned above.

• Costs arising from non-delivery in the event that has been provided incorrect or incomplete information about the name and address of the recipient, or in the event of unavailability of recipient are at the expense of Customer as well as the cost of the Products, the delivery fees, the transmission fees and expenses in addition to the administrative costs of Euro 13,00 in case of cancellation of the order.

• Time indicated in the "EXACT DELIVERY TIME" function will be respected within reason, unless the natural events or other impediments that may not permit the delivery man to meet the request. Delivery will be considered correctly performed if carried out 30 minutes before or after the time indicated in the order. Anyway, there's no refund in the following cases: if the customer has indicated a Delivery Time lower than 4 working hours from the submission of the order, the customer has mistakenly indicated a Delivery Time antecedent the time of submission of the order, the recipient do not accept delivery at the requested time, the recipient asks for a delivery at a different time than the one requested in the order. Speedyflowers. it to simplify the process of delivery and in order to not disturb the recipient, always respect the recipient's request by giving it priority over that of the sender.

• Complaints: In case of complaints they will be brought to the attention of through order number complete email, motivations and photographic documentation of the product received, no later than 1 days from the delivery date. The photos will reproduce the floral tribute in so intact, as delivered, and by listing the reasons that gave rise to the complaint. The complaints received by telephone will not be handled by our customer service if not followed by an email ( - as previously noted, only in this case will evaluate the requests or complaints , and provide a timely response..


To ensure the processing of personal data (Legislative Decree 196 of 30.06.2003). Customer SpeedyFlowers expressly allowing the collection and use of data for enforcement purposes connected with the order. Also be advised that if it is provided consent, the data can also be treated to provide information by sending commercial e-mail about new products Speedy Flowers, initiatives, events, discounts or promotional launch of new products included on Speedy Flowers. Adherence to this treatment modality is optional.
The Customer hereby also know that the information provided with your consent to be included in the "Customer Database

Refusing to consent to the processing of personal data, personal data will be used exclusively for the full execution of the order and can not be used for purposes functional activity of the SpeedyFlowers, such as the detection of the degree of client satisfaction with the quality of services rendered, promotion and / or sale of products and services for sending promotional or editorial material unless specifically asked the owner of the data. This consensus is expressed by the owner (and thus tacitly conceded) that lets you express your consent to use for such purposes therefore not binding on the making of the order.
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