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Credit Card (Visa - Mastercard - Postepay) *
Bank Transfer **

Payment by Phone Operator

* For payments by Credit Card (Visa - MasterCard - Postepay) orders will be processed only after receiving the payment confirmation from PayPal.
** When paying by Bank Transfer - postal order, orders will be processed only after the amount paid will be credited to the speedyflowers account. Once the credited has been verified, you will receive a confirmation of the payment made to your e-mail entered in the order.


The prices include VAT and may change at any time without notice.


Company policy Customer occupies a privileged position.
To achieve this goal and meet the needs of all our customers, provide clarification, assistance or to receive complaints about products purchased through our. Shop Online we have activated the following "channels":



To ensure the processing of personal data (Legislative Decree 196 of 30.06.2003). SpeedyFlowers Customers expressly allowing the collection and use of data for enforcement purposes connected with the order. Also be advised that if it is provided consent, the data can also be treated to provide information by sending commercial e-mail about new products Speedy Flowers, initiatives, events, discounts or promotional launch of new products included on Speedy Flowers. Adherence to this treatment modality is optional.
The Customer hereby also know that the information provided with your consent to be included in the "Customer Database

Refusing to consent to the processing of personal data, personal data will be used exclusively for the full execution of the order and can not be used for purposes functional activity of the SpeedyFlowers, such as the detection of the degree of client satisfaction with the quality of services rendered, promotion and / or sale of products and services for sending promotional or editorial material unless specifically asked the owner of the data. This consensus is expressed by the owner (and thus tacitly conceded) that lets you express your consent to use for such purposes therefore not binding on the making of the order.