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Via Torrevecchia, 1119 - 00168 - Roma
Tel/Fax: +39 06.6149416 / +39 06.62206163

About Us

Our company, founded in 1995 and has specialized in the transmission of orders flowers online. Our quality delivery of flowers and gifts same day, there has been leader in the international shipment of flowers with satisfied customers and 100% guaranteed.

How does SpeedyFlowers?
Speedyflowers work is born from a local florist and Web for e-commerce experts with innovative ideas. Our attention to developing new methods of selling flowers online has seen us grow over the years with the creation of two websites for e-commerce Flowers with which we can send your floral gifts in Italy and around the world with over 2,000 selected flower shops in Italy and over 50,000 throughout the world. Come and join us to join our client if you want to register or simply purchasing our product.

Our company policy:
Our customers rely on our firm to send flowers with messages of love, greeting, friendship or sympathy. So our job is to do everything possible to send the flowers on time and the highest quality. For always reach fresh always choose the florist nearest to the place of delivery. We selected the best florists in over 150 countries, to provide professional service and qualified. Our local florists have had our directives summarized in 3 D:

Special attention to the receipt of orders:
When we receive an order it from escaping immediately. Our order tracking method provides a call to the store to us by an affiliate of our international call center customer service to verify if your order has been received and confirm if the request has been delivered. With this procedure, our customers are 100% guaranteed for delivery. In case of problems you will be contacted to agree and resolve the problem.