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Twelve Red Roses
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The picture refers to the product in the medium size.
The vase, if present, is not included. Except if notet in the descriptionsof the product.

The surprise on her face is what you can obtain asking for the forwarding of a dozen red roses. Twelve red roses are the classical gift that every woman dreams receving at least once in her life. Anywhere she live, either in Italy or around the world, she will see us knocking on her door to deliver this wonderful bunch of twelve red roses.

Twelve red Roses

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Speedyflowers proposes you this beautiful twelve red Roses arrangement, in a small size (about 60cm), medium size (about 70 cm) or in a large size (equal or greater then 80 cm). You can realize the dream of her life asking for the forwarding of twelve red Roses, today. Thanks to our florists in all Italy, the deliveries will be accomplished on the same day, to give fresh flowers and of quality.

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