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Yellow pillow for funeral

We all hope we never need to forward flowers for a sudden grief: it has always been gesture unconsidered in advance. Unfortunately in these contexts you need to send your condolences and we offer you the opportunity to do it with this funeral pillow. Thanks to the internet we can forward your order immediately around Italy, our local florist will deliver it to the funeral ceremony at the specified time.

Speedyflowers can send flowers for grief anywhere . Our florists are present in every city of the world, they constantly work on the internet to accomplish the orders of funeral flowers that our website records daily. Sending flowers for a grief is easy with us, it takes just a few gestures and your flowers will be immediately at destination.


Your flowers will be delivered directly from our nearest local florist, to guarantee you the best value for your money.
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Exact Delivery Time € 15,00
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In the event that the selected GADGET is not available, the Flowers will be increased of the same amount paid.
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