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Kentia plant
Kentia Plant
€ 89,00  
Benjamina Fig plant
Benjamin's Fig plant
€ 109,00  
Dracaena Marginata plant
Dracaena Marginata plant
€ 78,00  
Yucca plant.
Yucca Plant
€ 99,00  
Pachira Aquatica Plant
Pachira Aquatica Plant
€ 90,00  
Crusone fat plant
Crusone fat Plant
€ 89,00  
Beaucarnea recurvata plant
Beaucarnea Recurvata Plant
€ 150,00  
Plants composition
Elegant composition of air plant root bowl
€ 58,00  
Cyclamen plant arrangement
To forward wishes, send this cyclamen arrangement
€ 36,00  
Flowering anthurium plant
Choose to give this flowering anthurium plant
€ 75,00  
Spathiphyllum Plant
Shortens the distance! Ask for the shipping of this beautiful plant spathiphyllum.
€ 45,00  
Basket of Orchids
Wonderful gift idea to send your wishes for Easter.
€ 100,00  
Speedyflowers offers you this indoor plants section to send online in Italy or around the world. If you want to give one of these plants to embellish a corner of the house or the office, it takes a few gestures and you can forward an indoor plant anywhere. Our attention in sending plants will guarantee its quality, thanks to our local florists who will accomplish the delivery with all attentions.