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Bouquets Christmas with basket local products
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The picture refers to the product in the medium size.
The vase, if present, is not included. Except if notet in the descriptionsof the product.

MAKE YOUR CHRISTMAS GREETINGS WITH OUR PRODUCTS !!! Shop our elegant gift box, including bouquet with intense aromas and a Gift basket with local products. You can give to distant relatives or friends during the Holidays. WARNING IN SOME LOCATIONS THE TWO PRODUCTS MAY BE DELIVERED SEPARATELY IF IT WERE NOT THE IMMEDIATE AVAILABILITY OF FOOD BASKET. WILL BE DELIVERED BEFORE FLORAL TRIBUTE AND THEN THE BASKET

Christmas bouquet with basket a thousand delight

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NOTE: In some locations the products may be delivered separately, if it were not for the immediate availability of the basket of food will be delivered before the floral tribute and then the rest. NOTE: For orders NOT INTENDED IN ITALY ITALIAN typical products could be replaced with LOCAL PRODUCTS always of the same nature. NOTES: The decoration, the packaging, the tapes can vary depending on the availability and the creativity of each florist!

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